AUTHOR: Dr. Jason Granzotto Patients consistently ask me what the ideal diet is.  They present with various […]
AUTHOR: Dr. Jason Bush Short Chain Fatty Acids (SFCAs) are the by-products of prebiotic metabolism that […]
AUTHOR: Dr. Jason Bush Here’s a riddle:  Name the only collection that features items inherited from […]
AUTHOR: Dr. Jason Bush Despite the fact that many people suffer from various gut health issues, […]
AUTHOR: Jason Granzotto One of the first tools that I utilize in assessing digestive health issues […]
AUTHOR: Dr. Betty Zou In 1917, the United States Department of Agriculture published its first food […]
AUTHOR: Kristina Campbell If ‘probiotics’ were an athlete, she would be the star of the track […]
AUTHOR: Dr. Jason Bush Sometimes easy is good.  Especially when it comes to alleviating digestive upset […]
AUTHOR: Dr. Jason Bush Many of us have been prescribed medications on which the bottle sports […]
AUTHOR: Dr. Betty Zou At first glance, the idea of eating digestion resistant starch (DRS) for gut health […]

Prebiotics vs Probiotics: What’s The Difference?

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